Manu Álvarez


Manu Álvarez belongs to the Franc Sarabia group, and is made up of a human team in which complicity and the search for perfection add up every day. Years of experience in the bridal and guest fashion sector, plus complicity between colleagues is what make us the best team to make the dream of thousands of brides and guests come true every season.

We are passionate about fashion, design and quality. We like what we do and we do it well.

Do you know what our departments do?

CEO and Executives: A team that integrates the sincere commitment of the workers and infects them with their determination and enthusiasm, a team that designs plans with clear aims and shared by all departments, managing every day to lead and motivate a human team with empathy.

Design: They know how to shape the latest trends in bridal and guest fashion by applying them with elegance until getting the perfect dress. Our design team works to create dresses that enhance the figure of women without neglecting the elegance and timelessness of each one of them.

Pattern making: A team of pattern makers who make the ideas of our design team a reality and fully adapt them to those of our clients, making any modifications until obtaining an exclusive design for each of them.

Production: From the pattern to the store. They are in charge of shaping the entire process: cutting, tailoring and ironing in our own workshops, logistics and strict quality control of all our dresses.

Administration: Always attentive to the numbers. Payments, collections and a well focused head so that the client receives the highest quality at the best price.

Customer service: Team of professionals in charge of answering any questions or objections of our clients during the sale and after-sale of any design.

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